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Terms Of Use

SEOoutreachers is a content marketing platform for agencies and professionals which helps them  fulfill their content marketing needs.

We have mentioned the terms and conditions you must agree to use our content marketing platform.

By accessing and signing up, you’re agreeing to our terms of use.  If you don’t agree with our terms and use, we strongly recommend you to not pursue ahead with sign up or email to our support team for further query.

There are various terminologies used on our terms of use and privacy policy:

“You” “Client”, “Your” refers to you, the person who is signing up or visiting our website and compliant to our company’s terms of use.

“We”, “Our”, “Us”, “Company”, “Product”, “Platform” refers to our company.


Our service consists of a content marketing platform for marketing agencies and professionals, which includes services related to guest posting, blogger outreach.  The user can search, explore, evaluate and place order on various websites and blogs through our platform.

SEOOutreachers reserves the right to change or alter the terms and conditions of our services, which are either or not by issuing prior notice to the users, by changing the text of this written agreement or changing the information on the terms of use policy page. If the terms and conditions are not acceptable to you, you may terminate your account or raise the concern with our support team.

Registration and Account Usage

1) Use of the Services

You must register to use our services. If you choose to sign up and register as a client, you get an access to our platform – from where you can search, explore, evaluate and place orders. Our system contains various data of third-party platforms, all the data are accurate and correct but may vary on real time. You can set your account payment preferences, make a collection of sites, and can raise a support ticket with our system.

2) User Representation

While registering to use our services, you confirm and warrant that

a)       The information provided by you is correct

b)      You’re liable to maintain the accuracy of the information provided

c)       You’re legally in capacity to enter the agreement

d)      The use of service does not breach the applicable law or regulations

3) Billing Details

On sign-up or registering, you are asked to create a user account on our website by following specific instructions and details. You can choose your specific plan before creating SEOOutreachers account. You have to provide your billing details which will include your basic information like Name, Email, Billing Address, Payment Mode.

4) Login & Password

You will be assigned your login details. You’re completely responsible for maintaining all your user account details such as your username, password, profile information.

Fees and Payment

SEOOutreachers is a content marketing platform for agencies and professionals which comes in three different plans – small, enterprise and custom. You must subscribe one of these plans to get started.  

We don’t charge you to use the platform, the amount you submit will be credited as your account balance from which you can place your content marketing orders.

We accepts all the major credit cards and payment methods mentioned below:

  1.   PayPal
  2.   Visa
  3.   Mastercard
  4.   American Express
  5.   Discover

Refund Policy

SEOOutreachers respects user views and satisfaction and if you’re unsatisfied with our platform and no longer want to continue, you may claim refund on your remaining account balance in our system.

Prohibited Uses

Illegal Tampering With Platform : Our platform is clean and have a smooth service operation. We strongly recommend you to not upload any form of viruses or destructive codes. This restriction includes any type of attempts to damage the platform or affect the platform in negative way.


SEOOutreachers provides a smooth and ideal content marketing platform but  does not give any warranty or assurance that the Website or our Services

(a) will fit your requirements;

(b) will always be available as uninterrupted, timely, or error-free basis; or

We also offer no such assurances about the completeness or accuracy of the contents on other sites that are linked to our Website.


We will send you Email related to your account from our company. We may also send some Email Newsletter related to platform updates and promotional offers. We will never sell your Email data to third-party companies.  

Privacy Policy

Your use of service and account are governed by our privacy policy. You can learn more about our privacy policy here.

Contact For More Information

If you have any concerns about our Terms of Use or have any queries you can connect with us over our Email: support@seooutreachers.com

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